Toddler Community

Toddlers want to participate fully in their society. They want to challenge themselves and perform important, meaningful activities. When a child begins to master the balance, coordination, and communication skills, he needed to participate in real work. These experiences construct the basis for their personality and lay the foundation for the adult they will become.

In a Montessori Toddler Community, a trained Montessori teacher presents individual and group lessons, guiding each child’s progress individually. Shelves, tables, sinks, and toilets are custom-sized for the toddlers to allow for full exploration and participation. The beautiful, specially-developed Montessori materials appeal to the natural curiosity of the children. The materials are designed to be challenging, but also to allow children to learn and succeed on their own. This leads to great inner security, high self-esteem, a positive self-image, and strong habits of concentration

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  • Timings: 9:30 am to 11:30 pm, Monday to Friday.


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